Janesville is ground zero for economic recovery in southern Wisconsin if a visit by a cadre of Obama administration officials is any indication. White House Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers, Ed Montgomery, said Friday that the group is tasked to help link local and federal efforts for recovery. “The president asked us to make sure that we get out of Washington, that we recognize that what’s going on in Janesville is different than what’s going on in Detroit, Michigan or in Spring Hill, Tennessee or other areas around the country, so that we hear your particular problems, your particular concerns,” Montgomery said during a press conference at the Rock County Job Center.

Montgomery and his team gathered information from local officials to compile a list of requests and concerns to take back to Washington. “This is about hearing what’s in those,” he said. “And then figuring out how do we roll up our sleeves, and make these proposals something that we can support.” Montgomery met with a number of people, including small business owners. “One of the things that the president recognizes is that small business is really the engine of growth in this country,” said Montgomery, adding that President Barack Obama is looking at way to lower the tax burden on small businesses.

Steve Benton, WCLO

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