Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation promotes food check-out week.

“To create awareness of all things food — how it’s produced, how much it’s paid for in this country, how it’s consumed.”

Farm Bureau spokesman Casey Langan says Wisconsin farmers have pride in their role in providing us with safe, abundant and affordable food. In fact, Langan says, of all the nations in the world, Americans pay the smallest average percentage of our disposable incomes on food.

“Despite all of the volatility we’ve seen in food prices and farm prices over the last two or three years, I think an important statistic to remember is that Americans still spend just about 10% of disposable income on food — both in restaurant and groceries.”

By this time in the year, Langan says, we’ve already earned enough money to pay for our entire year’s worth of food, yet we are still working to make enough money to pay our taxes.

Members of the Farm Bureau are conducting public awareness programs all week and making donations to local food pantries in Wisconsin.

Jackie Johnson report 1:15


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