Supporters of the Clean Energy Jobs Act say they’ve reached a compromise on the measure, which could help to approve the bill before the Legislature adjourns next week.

Democrats on Tuesday introduced an amendment to the bill, which would remove several controversial provisions. Items removed include tougher vehicle emission requirements and lower carbon fuel standards. Another change would allow businesses to offset renewable power requirements by taking steps to conserve energy.

A provision to ease the moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power plants remains in the bill.

State Representative Spencer Black (D-Madison) say the changes represent some compromises, but the core mission of the bill remains to set the goal of Wisconsin getting 25-percent of its power from renewable energy sources by the year 2025.

Republicans continue to argue the bill is a job killer, because it would greatly increase the cost of electricity. State Representative Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem) says the changes may remove some opposition to the bill. However, they fail to address the estimated $15 billion in rate increases Republicans argue the public will face if the measure becomes law.

Supporters still hope to have the bill passed before Earth Day, which is next week.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:14)


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