While police say 28-year-old David Hoem did not admit to police that he killed four-year-old Kevin McArthur and his three-year-old brother Kemaurey, they say he did tell investigators the biblical figure Daniel had simply given the boys a big embrace while they were in his car, after which they both smiled and went to sleep.

Hoem, who was the boyfriend of the boys’ mother, is accused of strangling the children and is being charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide. He’s also facing charges connected to a domestic violence complaint filed by the mother of the two boys. Hoem has been in jail on a suspected parole violation, since his arrest earlier this month.

Police were called on July 5th by the boys’ mother, after Hoem picked the children up from the biological father’s home. Hours later, Hoem turned himself into police, but did not indicate where the children were. Authorities located the car with the boys’ bodies inside just a few hours later.

Robin Colbert, WIBA

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