The victim in the weekend murder of a woman at the Fox Lake Municipal building has been identified as 34-year old Sherry Asbury. Her husband, 40 year old Jeffrey Asbury is under arrest and will have a preliminary court hearing.

Witnesses told 911 operators they saw a man in a car ram the woman's car in the municipal building parking lot. The woman was chased into the municipal building which is empty on weekends. The man ran out alone and by that time authorities were in pursuit.

The suspect, identified as Jeffrey Asbury, was later arrested. The woman, later identified as his wife, was found in the lobby.

Dodge County District Attorney Steve Bower says the cause of death, according to the Medical Examiner, was strangulation and blunt force trauma to the chest.

DA Bower says he will file 1st degree intentional homicide and fleeing police charges against Jeffrey Asbury later Tuesday.

AUDIO: Marc Hanna reports ( 1:02 MP 3 )

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