It’s a good time to get a furnace check up before the mercury drops.

We Energies spokesperson Brian Manthey says if you wait too long for that maintenance check, you’ll be competing with everyone else while sitting in the cold. At a cost of about 75 bucks, a qualified technician will check for efficiency, change the filter, look for failing parts, and clean up blockages. “If it’s plugged … it takes more natural gas to then try to get your house up to the temperature you want it. So, you’re really not running your heating system as efficiently as you could.”

Also, Manthey says, We Energies has some general money-saving tips on their website. “You can kind of do an almost mini energy audit of your own if you take about 15 minutes.”

Check with your local utility for energy-saving ideas. Manthey says customers seeking a thorough energy audit can go through Focus on Energy.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:19

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