The Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court is thanking the rest of the Capitol on the approval of new county level judge seats.

Governor Tony Evers has approved a bill that will increase the number of county judges in Wisconsin by 12. 

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Pat Roggensack says that’s going to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to get cases heard in parts of Wisconsin. “If you’re in a county that has one judge, and that judge has a huge calendar, you’re just going to have to stand in line until your matter can be heard.”

Roggensack says the new law is just another piece of the puzzle in reducing the long wait it takes to get justice in parts of Wisconsin. “I think that really the bill and the Governor’s signing evidence the legislature’s and the governor’s concern that the needs for the people of Wisconsin be addressed.” The bill is backed by other measures that increase the number of assistant district attorneys in Wisconsin, and increase the pay rates for public defenders. 

“I think both those branches of government have been wonderfully cooperative and have understood that the needs of the court are the needs of the people,” says Roggensack. 

The new seats will be created four at a time over the next three years.

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