With just five days to go until taxes are due, the state Department of Revenue is offering some last minute advice.  DOR Secretary Roger Ervin says most Wisconsin residents are on track for getting their taxes in before next Tuesday's deadline. Of those expected to file this year, Ervin says they've received returns from about 2.2 million so far. That leaves about 700,000 state returns that still need to be filed.

Ervin says you can speed up any refund you'll receive by using e-file . A paper return can take up to twelve weeks to process, but Ervin says e-filed returns can be handled in an average of five days. Nearly 80 percent of Wisconsinites are expected to receive an average refund of $600 this year.

If you're among the last minute filing crowd, Ervin suggest double checking your return. That includes making sure all spaces are properly filled out and signed, and the information is all correct. Ervin says doing so can help avoid getting audited by the state later on.

Tax day is April 17th this year. 

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:00)

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