Could a game of cards solve a homicide? The Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators is betting it just might. The Association is distributing decks of cold case playing cards to county jails and state prisons around Wisconsin. “We’re talking about missing person cases, homicide cases that have never been able to be solved, that detectives are still working on and hoping to get a resolution to,” said Elise Schaffer, public information officers with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department in Madison. The decks of cards, which have been in the works for two years and are supported by grant funds through the Wisconsin Department of Justice, may trigger the memories of inmates — who do indeed like to play cards. “For those who aren’t able to go out to jobs or volunteer programs, they can spend a lot of time playing cards just to pass the time, said Schaffer.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60)

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