The remote-controlled quadcopter is getting more attention around Wisconsin.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt said there are situations in which drones could be another useful tool for law enforcement. “There are a lot of uses for drones … things similar to search and rescue or if we have somebody who may have taken off running, and they’re a wanted fugitive,” he said. “So many ways to deploy a drone.”

Though, they would have to consider privacy rights and what constitutes unreasonable searches. The Columbia County Sheriff Department is contemplating a purchase. Schmidt said he’ll wait to see how that works. “The cost of the drones are coming down. So I think it’s an inexpensive tool that can be used to save resources and I think the potential for using it in the future is very good.”

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Department is scheduled to a drone demonstration on Wednesday; members of Schmidt’s Department expects to attend and get a few pointers.

Thanks to Bob Nelson, KFIZ

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