Clean government advocates say the indictment of a top donor to Governor Jim Doyle indicates a system out of control. Kenosha businessman Dennis Troha is federally indicted for fraud and lying to FBI investigators. Mike McCabe with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign notes the Troha family has been Doyle's single biggest source of campaign money, with contributions totaling some $500,000. “It really shows just how crooked, and how dirty this game has gotten,” says McCabe.

Earlier this week, Troha pulled out of a proposed Kenosha tribal casino project. The widespread assumption: that Doyle would look favorably on that proposal because of Troha's contributions. Jay Heck with Common Cause in Wisconsin says Doyle now faces a decision. “Is this the legacy he wants to leave for Wisconsin, or is he going to make this an opportunity to show leadership and to clean up this system?”

A statement from the Doyle campaign said they were aware of nothing to suggest contributions received from Troha were in any way inappropriate or unlawful, and noted that the Troha family has contributed to other politicians, including former Governor Tommy Thompson and President George W. Bush.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (1:15 MP3)

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