Now that Green Bay passed tough sex offender residency requirements, smaller communities are scrambling to do the same.

Since the Green Bay ordinance keeps sex offenders from living in more than ninety per cent of that city, communities like Little Chute, Kimberly and Combined Locks have been working on similar laws so sex offenders pushed out of Green Bay won't move there. Little Chute acted first and passed similar living restrictions.

Village Trustee John Erlick who voted for the restrictions saying he strongly felt that's what the people of the village wanted.

But Village President Chuck Fischer thinks they moved too quickly without fully studying the ramifications of such an ordinance.

The Little Chute law keeps sex offenders from living within two-thousand feet of where children might gather. That's roughly ninety per cent of the community.

Fischer says it would have been better to hold off until talks with other communities were concluded.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 MP3 )

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