Testimony continues in Sauk County, as part of an effort to get 16-year-old Eric Hainstock's cased moved to juvenile court. Hainstock is accused of fatally shooting the principal at the Weston High School last fall. He's currently being charged as an adult with first-degree intentional homicide. Community members have been testifying throughout the week on the teen's behavior leading up to the shooting of John Klang as part of a reverse waiver hearing.

Will Burris, a youth advocate who worked with Hainstock before the shooting, says the teen could be aggressive and was generally a few years behind in maturity. Burris said Hainstock acted more like a middle school student than a high school sophomore.

Deanne Johnson, whose daughter had planned to go to homecoming with Hainstock, testified that the youth seemed like a decent person.

Several students also took the stand to talk about the day of the shooting. Many of them described Hainstock's behavior as he entered the school with a shotgun and a pistol on the day of the shooting. One student said he was "scared and worried in the wake of the shooting."

Hainstock's attorney has called several witnesses to the stand who have described bullying and abuse inflicted on the teen by other students. But several have also pointed out that Hainstock was sometimes a bully as well.

The waiver hearing is expected to continue on Friday.

AUDIO: Dave Stoeger reports (MP3 1:41)

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