Planned Parenthood is outraged, about the fate of compassionate care for rape victims. The bill requires all hospitals in Wisconsin provide emergency contraception to victims of rape. It passed the Senate on a bipartisan vote, but may be going nowhere, in an Assembly committee chaired by Representative Mark Gundrum . "Representative Gundrum is an outspoken opponent of birth control, particularly emergency contraception," says Lisa Boyce, vice president for public affairs with Planned Parenthood . "He, from what we understand, has provided promises to Pro-Life Wisconsin , that the bill will not move." Boyce adds that "it's really a travesty when we cannot even agree that rape victims deserve access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy following an assault." Boyce says Planned Parenthood will urge members to contact Gundrum and Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch , to ask that the bill be given a public hearing.


AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:55 MP3)

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