What's next for compassionate care for victims of rape? The bill requires hospitals inform rape victims of emergency contraception and make it available to them. It passed the state Senate on a bipartisan vote Wednesday. Matt Sande is with Pro Life Wisconsin, which opposes the measure. "It's a medical fact that the morning after pill can work to block the implantation of a newly conceived human life, a human embryo, from implanting in the mother's womb," said Sande.

"That's absolutely not correct," said Chris Taylor with Planned Parenthood of Advocates of Wisconsin. "It's just like saying that birth control pills cause an abortion." Taylor is hopeful the bill will get a floor vote in the Republican controlled state Assembly, and won't get buried in a committee. Sande says his group will continue to oppose the measure which he says would force every hospital in the state, regardless of religious affiliation, to provide an abortion causing drug.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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