A computer glitch between billings at Social Security and Medicare causes headaches for many seniors.

Premiums for prescription drug coverage are deducted from senior citizens' Social Security checks, but AARP Wisconsin has heard from many folks, saying the government is erroneously taking too much money or not enough for Medicare Part-D.

"It's too bad that the computer systems are causing these glitches … and really causing a hassle for seniors."

Lisa Lamkins, advocacy director for the seniors group, says the elderly are surprised when they find out a monthly premium has not been automatically deducted from their check for Medicare Part-D, because that leads to other problems.

"People expect that money is being deducted for their Medicare Part-D premium and find out that it's not, and then it's often taken out in one huge chunk, which then causes a really tight month for folks who are living on a fixed income."

A lot of people depend on every cent in that Social Security check for their day-to-day living expenses, so, Lamkins says, an error like this really hurts. She says experts with Medicare and Social Security are trying to work out the glitches. You can call Medicare (1-800-MEDICARE) if you've got questions or problems, but Lamkins suggests you call your Legislator or congressional delegate, or better yet, call your local county benefits specialist for individualized assistance. (more info)

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:26 MP3)

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