A legislative panel is set to act on a bill that would ban Bisphenol A from use in products used by kids five and younger. This coincides with the Food and Drug Administration doing an “about face” on previous finding regarding the chemical. On Friday the agency declared BPA, a “chemical of concern.”

Bruce Speight of WISPIRG calls the FDA’s latest finding “a move in the right direction.” Speight says investigative reports have found sections of previous studies by the agency, declaring BPA safe, were written by lobbyists from the chemical industry.

Meanwhile some manufacturers of products like sippy cups have voluntarily stopped using the chemical. Speight says alternatives are cost effective.

Bruce Speight (:23)


An American Chemical Council representative recently told a legislative panel that thousands of studies have looked at the chemical, and they’ve lead most governments around the world to conclude it’s not dangerous.

Today the Wisconsin Senate Consumer Protection Committee will vote on the BPA Free Kids Act, sponsored by Senator Julie Lassa and Representative Kelda Helen Roys. Similar legislation has already passed in Minnesota and Connecticut.

UPDATE: The panel unanimously approved the BPA Free Kids Act.

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