Peter Kerr One Wisconsin dad says having both a mother and a father who want to be involved in a child's life is not only a good thing, but it's also the right thing.

Unfortunately, Peter Kerr of Grafton says, fathers get a pretty raw deal in what he calls “the meat grinder: Family Court of Wisconsin.” He says the rules essentially give the primary parent the veto pen and make the other parent the visitor in the child's life. Kerr says he's thrilled that dads are standing up for the right to be with their kids.

“You know I think it's wonderful that dads are on the move, dads are standing up and saying, 'Hey that's my flesh and blood and I wanna be part of my child's life. So, what do I have to do to remove those hurdles?'” 

You might remember Kerr as the Australian dad who moved to Wisconsin to be close to his daughter. He walked across the state last fall to call attention to the plight of fathers. He says unequal parenting creates a superior parent and an inferior parent. That's why he's promoting the Wisconsin Fatherhood Conference .

“These conferences are all about helping dads understand what they can do, how they can get involved, and how they can change the law so that … equality, fairness, and respect to talk to children in the home place.”

Kerr says regardless of where one is in the process of divorce and child custody issues, everyone is welcome to attend.

“They can learn what their rights are, what the laws are all about, and really how to be a good dad and how to combat some of the difficulties that the family court puts you through.”

The 4th Wisconsin Fatherhood Conference, held every two years, is scheduled for March 16th and 17th at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison. The keynote speaker is Attorney Jeffery Leving, author of “Father's Rights and Divorce War.”

NOTE: The conference is on a Friday and a Saturday, with Friday being for industry professionals and Saturday for dads. Call 414-339-9675 for more info. Email inquiries to [email protected] .

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