Congress is working on other things besides Iraq. Like the budget

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan did get one hundred and sixty House votes for his version of the budget which he says balanced the budget, saved the President's tax cuts and started to address a social security fund that's going bankrupt.

But the Democrat's version won out. Ryan says not only will spending go up by twenty two billion but taxes will increase four hundred billion over five years.

The Janesville republican says all the President's tax cuts would be allowed to expire which means a hike in income taxes, the marriage tax would return and the child tax credit would be cut in half.

But the Senate's version is slightly different and so the budget bill is headed for a conference committee. Ryan says it looks as if there will be another stalemate since he believes the President will veto any bill with a tax increase in it.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:02 MP3 )

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