A conservative group has filed a lawsuit to prevent the state from certifying the election results.

The lawsuit, filed by the Wisconsin Voters Alliance, seeks to have the State Supreme Court prevent the Elections Commission from certifying the results of the election and instead have the state legislature assign electors instead.

Among the claims in the lawsuit is a complaint that election grants from a non profit that has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a donor unduly influenced the results in several of Wisconsin’s largest cities. A federal judge already rejected the claims about the elections grants earlier this year when the same group tried to prevent the funding.

The group also alleges that there has been widespread abuse and fraud in how the state handles and issues absentee ballots.

The Court has ordered the Wisconsin Elections Commission to file briefs by Friday. The next business day would be Monday, November 30th, and the state’s votes need to be certified by December 1st.

Multiple lawsuits to prevent voting certification have already failed across the country. 

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