A conservative rally is being planned in central Wisconsin in opposition to a scheduled Black Lives Matter protest.

A group called ‘Meeting of the Patriots’ will be holding a rally in a public park in Stevens Point about a half mile away from where Black Lives will be gathering. Mayor Mike Wiza says police will be on hand at both locations to keep things under control.

“Police escorts to ensure the safety, and we’ll do our best to help them of their goal of keeping it a peaceful march.”

Wiza says they have been in contact with organizers of both events. 

“We have event permits and I know that Black Lives Matter, which will be using public streets, does have the proper documentation. As far as I know the Patriot group is only assembly in the park, which is free for anyone to do any day of the week.”

“We’re pretty comfortable that it’s going to be a peaceful assembly. Should there be any rowdies that want to make it something other than a peaceful assembly we will deal with those as they come up.”

The counter event comes amid controversy in Stevens Point after a Hmong county board supervisor joined in with protests last weekend, including vulgar chants against police officers.

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