If you’re still looking for holiday gifts this season, why not find Something Special from Wisconsin?

It’s a program sponsored by the state Department of Agriculture that showcases Wisconsin made products.

Alice in Dairyland Abigail Martin says it’s important to shop local in a time when farmers are hurting.

“Your dollars are staying right here in our state. They’re supporting communities and local economies as well as farmers and processors who are working hard.”

Martin says one very important something is getting a natural Christmas Tree from a local grower. 

“They smell wonderful in your house, one of my favorite smells, but also trees that are real are recyclable and will decompose after the holiday season.”

Also noted on this year’s list of products are specialty soaps and lotions made from sheep’s milk that you can get from Maple Hill Farm in Ladysmith, packed cheese spreads and gourmet cheeses from Chalet Cheese Cooperative and Pine River Cheese, and ready made dessert with New York Style cheesecakes from Suzy’s Cream Cheesecakes.

You can find out more online at http://somethingspecialwi.com


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