Another scam alert — this time a bogus loan company which claims to be located in Milwaukee. Wisconsin Better Business Bureau President and CEO Ran Hoth warns to steer clear of an online loan company called Intrest Plus Financial. Hoth's advice: "don't ever send any money in advance of recieving a loan online."

Victims have been scammed out of thousands of dollars, and none have recieved their loans. Hoth says Intrest Plus lists a Milwaukee address which is home to a legitimate comopany NOT affiliated with the scam. "Use of a real address is commonplace with these online advance fee loan companies," he says. Hoth says the Better Business Bureau has been working with the Wisconsin Department of Fincial Institutions, to try to shut down phoney loan websites. He suggests consumers look for a Better Business Bureau seal on websites. And, if you can't contact the company off their website and establish where they're actually located, you shouldn't send any money. Check with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, at 1-800-273-1002.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:67 MP3)

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