The ads for Mystery Shoppers are everywhere but the State Consumer Protection Office says don't do it.

The ads are filling the airwaves and newspapers with promises of easy money by secretly shopping, dining or watching movies and reporting back to the company on the experience. A legitimate marketing tool until someone wants you to pay them a fee to do it.

Glen Loyd with Consumer Protection says his office has received complaints from people who paid the fee and all they were given was more information on how to find a mystery shopping job. To his knowledge, Loyd says, there never was a job available at all.

Loyd says there's a simple rule to follow. Never pay to get a job.

The Federal Trade Commission has filed civil charges against several companies who asked people for a fee with promises they would make more than enough money in no time to cover the fee. The FTC says it never happened. Some Wisconsin residents are among the scam victims.

Loyd says while there may be some legitimate mystery shopping opportunities, they're difficult to find.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :59 MP3 )

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