It was the worst NFL Pro Bowl ever.  You remember, last January, when

Roger Goodell

most of the players put out “zero” effort.  Players in the trenches were just leaning on each other instead of rushing and blocking.  It was the ugliest rendition of an all-star game that I had ever witnessed.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell apparently felt the same way because he’s considering doing away with the game.  According to an report, Goodell is strongly considering suspending this year’s game and every Pro Bowl game beyond that.

Could there be better news for NFL fans? 

The NFL for the most part, has its ducks in order.  NFL football is the most popular game around.  From a P.R. standpoint, why would they want something like the Pro Bowl bring them down.  Bad publicity just isn’t a good thing.

Of course if the game is suspended, the league still would have a Pro Bowl balloting process to identify the season’s top players and would direct teams to negotiate Pro Bowl clauses into player contracts and to honor Pro Bowl incentive clauses to avoid any serious conflict with the players association.

Those players would likely be honored at some point by the league as well.

Goodell has sought suggestions to make the game more attractive but has come up with nothing.

The AFC won the last Pro Bowl game 59-41 and it drew boos from the fans at Aloa Stadium in Honolulu.

Even Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said some of his NFC teammates embarrassed themselves.

The NFL has made no announcement yet, so it’s not official.  But just the mere thought of the Commissioner trying to end this nightmare has this sports fan jumping for joy!

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