The Fond du Lac County Board Tuesday night voted unanimously to repeal a half percent sales tax at the end of 2021. That’s when the tax essentially created to fund incentives for Mercury Marine is expected to have accomplished its purpose.

County Executive Al Buechel says 61 other counties in the state have a sales tax, but Fond du Lac may be the first to actually go through with sun setting the tax.

Al Buechel (:17)


County Supervisors Jim Kiser and Tom Dornbrook had tried to set a sunset date when the tax was approved last September, but couldn’t at the time. Kiser says with a 16-to-nothing vote in favor of repealing the tax it’s obvious some supervisors, even a “staunch” opponent of the idea, changed their mind.

The Board also approved using excess revenue from the tax that’s not used by Mercury Marine or economic development for tax relief.

Contributed by Bob Nelson-KFIZ

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