Convicted murderer Steven Avery is trying to appeal his murder conviction again. The Avery case has drawn international attention in the wake of the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer.” Court records show Avery actually filed the appeal on December 3rd about two weeks before the 10-part series debuted.

The latest filings were received by the Second District Court of Appeals on Monday, and include a request from Avery to be released on bond. Illinois attorney Kathleen Zellner announced last Friday that her firm will represent Avery. Wisconsin attorney Tricia Bushnell will assisted with the case. Bushnell is the legal director of the Midwest Innocence Project. Avery signed the motions before Bushnell and Zellner were on the case.

The new appeal claims that investigators used an illegal warrant, and that a juror was out to get Avery. A jury found Avery guilty in 2007 of the Halloween 2005 murder of freelance photographer Teresa Halbach. The appeal is Avery’s second. The Second District court unanimously rejected his first, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to take up the case.


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