The teen accused of shooting the Weston High School principal last fall was in court Tuesday. Eric Hainstock was in Sauk County court today for a reverse waiver hearing. Hainstock, who's now 16 years old, is charged as an adult for the murder of his principal last September. His defense is requesting that the case be moved in to juvenile court, since the murder of Principal John Klang occurred when Hainstock was 15.

Hainstock's grandmother, Irene Hainstock, testified that Eric was a loving child, but his home life was not the best, especially with his stepmother. Ruth Willis, Hainstock's youth group leader at his church in Belton, testified that she was aware of the issues Hainstock was facing at home and at school before the shooting. She even brought it up with school officials.

The reverse waiver hearing is expected to last through this week, with nearly 50 witnesses scheduled to testify. [thanks to Dave Stoeger, WRDB]

AUDIO: Dave Stoeger reports (1:40 MP3)

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