A family whose baby was sexually abused testifies at a legislative hearing about their experience. “On June 26, 2007 our granddaughter, who was 10 months old, was sexually abused at a child care facility run by our church. Her injuries were so severe that she required reconstructive surgery at Childrens Hospital.”

The facility was licensed by the state of Wisconsin; It is still licensed and that case is still unresolved four years later.

New legislation would allow a judge to increase the maximum period of imprisonment by up to five years if a person who is licensed or certified to provide day care sexually assaults or causes bodily harm to a child under his care.

The two women are advocates because they want some good to come out of this horrible incident. “Almost every day we hear about children who are hurt or even killed by their child care providers.”

Currently the penalty for felony child abuse is seven years in prison plus five years probation. Under this bill (AB-102) a judge would have the discretion to use the enhanced penalty — adding up to five more years to the punishment, depending on severity and circumstances.

The two grandmothers say they believe that a licensed or certified child care provider should be held to a higher standard.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:37

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