Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s dairy farm families are committed to treating their cows and land with the utmost care and respect, showing quality care yields quality products, and quality products create happy dairy lovers. They drive our state forward through sustainable farming practices and genuine love for their work, thus boosting Wisconsin’s economy. No other place in the country has the same access to such exceptionally produced dairy.


June Dairy Month

June Dairy Month pays tribute to the numerous ways Wisconsin dairy farmers contribute to our communities, deliver delicious nutrition and care for their land and animals. Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin has several resources available for farmers and dairy lovers alike to enjoy dairy from across the state and show support for local dairy farms.

The local dairy breakfast and events throughout Wisconsin are a huge part of the culture during June Dairy Month. The farm breakfasts are family-friendly opportunities to learn more about local dairy farms and meet dedicated families that keep them running. Attendees can enjoy delicious food made with fresh Wisconsin-made dairy products while spending time with friends and neighbors.

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The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin Podcast allows Wisconsin’s dairy farmers to share their stories. Listen now to learn more about how dairy farmers run their operations and what they are looking forward to during June Dairy Month.