A Dane County judge on Tuesday closed one of several open records cases against the Republican investigation of the 2020 presidential election.

Lawyers for American Oversight were seeking more documents from the Office of Special Counsel, but Judge Frank Remington says that’s probably not possible. 

“Mr. Gableman has demonstrated that he’s not capable of conducting a professional and thorough investigation, that he deleted records, public records, and that what you’re trying to do is superimpose a level of professionalism on an entity and an individual that just didn’t exist.”

Remington says, with the effective closure of the Office of Special Counsel by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, there’s not much point in continuing trying to get records. 

“I do not see any need for further proceedings in this case.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos fired Gableman last week after Gableman endorsed Vos’s primary opponent at a rally with former President Donald Trump. An open record case against Vos’s office is still active. 


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