A Dane County judge has tossed out a lawsuit which alleged that private grants used to assist with the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin constituted bribery.

Judge Stephen Ehlke said that claims made against the Center for Tech and Civic Life had no basis in state law or federal law.

“The bottom line is that the [Elections] Commission correctly concluded that there was no probable cause to believe any Wisconsin law had been violated,” Ehlke said on Wednesday.

The judge said that Erick Kaardal and the Thomas More Society failed to even state what part of Wisconsin’s laws had been violated by the grant funding provided by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerperg.

Ehlke said the plaintiffs failed to tell the Wisconsin Elections Commission exactly what laws were violated by clerks for accepting those funds.

“The commission should not be put in the position of having to guess what violation of election law is alleged. And then be faulted later when they didn’t guess correctly what it is.”

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