Today was a fairly quiet one in Lake Placid, New York.  The four teams in the women's NCAA Frozen Four tournament all practiced and participated in media interview sessons. 

I did my intermission interviews for tomorrow's semi-final game against New Hampshire with Badger coach Mark Johnson and goaltender Jessie Vetters.  Now I get the chance to walk around town and see more of the beauty.

Lake Placid is a touristy (is that a word) town.  A lot of visitors to the Olympic Center.  The facility is also used for local hockey for both young and old and our hotel has been besieged by youth hockey players.  The town is really buzzing about the women's NCAA Tournament.

But aside from the markings of this being a former Olympic town, it's really a town of beauty.  The Adirondack Mountains are in the distance with lakes and towns nestled down in between.  A wonderful place to visit.  And while it's a true experience in the winter, summer must be unbelievable as well.

The weatherman says we're in for a big snowstorm on Friday night into Saturday.  6 to 12 inches right here, with 10 to 20 inches in nearby Vermont, which is where we have to go to catch our charter flight back home when this is all said and done.   Oh well!  GO BADGERS!


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