Opening arguments have wrapped up in the first day of Brendan Dassey's murder trial. The 17-year-old is accused of helping his uncle, Steven Avery, murder photographer Teresa Halbach in October 2005. Avery was convicted last month for his role in the murder.

Prosecutors say Dassey was ready and willing to help his uncle with the murder, and even confessed to police. But Dassey's defense is arguing the confession was coerced by police, and that's why he recanted his statements to police. Special Prosecutor Ken Kratz told the jury that Dassey's confessions provided investigators with more information than they already had, and described some of the details Dassey gave investigators about the murder. Defense attorney Mark Fremgen says Dassey was manipulated by police, who coerced statements out of him. Fremgen says there's plenty of evidence showing Dassey was coerced by investigators to confess to a crime he didn't committ.

Dassey's trial, being heard in Manitowoc County by a jury selected in Dane County, is expected to last two weeks.  [thanks to Rick Schuh, WHBY]      

AUDIO: Kratz, Fremgen (1:10 MP3)

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