wolf01Time is running out for those interested in taking part in Wisconsin’s second wolf hunting season.

The deadline to apply for a permit for the wolf hunt is August first. Much like last year, Department of Natural Resources large carnivore specialist David MacFarland says licenses will be awarded using a lottery system. Half of the pool will be based on all applicants, while the other half will go to those with the most preference points. Anyone awarded a permit for the hunt will be notified in mid-August.

The DNR has upped the quota for the wolf hunt this year to 275, up from 201 during the first season. However, MacFarland says the final number available to hunters will likely be lower than that, once the Ojibwe tribes declare how much of that quota they plan to reserve. The quota for permit holders last year was lowered to 116 animals, after tribal declarations were factored in.

The cost to apply for a permit is $10. If a license is awarded, it’s $49 for Wisconsin residents and $251 for non-residents. The wolf hunting season begins on October 15th and runs through the end of February 2014.

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