The deadline to file your 2019 taxes is Wednesday the 15th, and the state revenue department is hoping to give people a hand this year.

Secretary of Revenue Peter Barca says that the majority of Wisconsinites will be getting a tax refund this year. “The average refund this year is 730 dollars, so if you have a refund make sure you file before July 15th.”

Barca says that if you owe money to the state, that the Department is very aware of the difficulties facing many Wisconsinites right now, and that they’re very willing to work on payment plans for people that are out of work or on a limited income right now. 

“People should feel very comfortable calling our line, and they’ll have a receptive ear on the other end wanting to work with them.”)

He adds that there’s plenty of assistance available.

“We have a Farm Support Program. We got money out to farmers who were in need. The Department of Administrations has worked hard on rental assistance for people and we worked carefully with the Department of Health for long-term care.”

If you do need to set up a payment plan, call the department’s help line at (608) 266-2772.

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