Some people in the Delavan neighborhood thought they heard firecrackers late Saturday night. That's nothing unusual.

But neighbors like Jesus Valadez woke up to something very different Sunday morning. Cop cars, K-9's, ambulances and finally body bags being carried into the small white house on S. 2 nd St.

Valadez who lives next door says he had no indication anything was wrong until he got up Sunday morning and took the garbage out. That's when he saw police all over the house.

What neighbors heard Saturday were gunshots not firecrackers. Two of the victims were infant twin boys. A 2 year old girl was found sitting in a vehicle, shot in the chest. She's now at the UW-Hospital in Madison.

Walworth County authorities aren't revealing much yet other than to say they are not looking for a suspect and that the community is not a risk. There are indications the shooting started with a domestic dispute.

No ID yet on the victims but relatives say one of them was a 19-year old woman who didn't live there. She was visiting. 

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