The nephew of Steven Avery stepped back a bit from his comments Wednesday, when he told jurors that Avery asked him to help get rid of a body. Bobby Dassey was back on the stand Thursday morning during Avery's murder trial in Chilton, and he told defense attorney Dean Strang that he caught the end of a conversation between his friend Mike Osmunson and Avery, and the two were talking about how Avery may have been the last person to see Teresa Halbach before she disappeared. Dassey says his uncle's statement about the body was clearly a joke, and that Avery added that people go missing all the time and that the "girl might have left for Mexico.' Avery is charged with murdering Halbach on Halloween of 2005. [ WHBY 's Rick Schuh contributed this report]

AUDIO: Rick Schuh reports (2:35 MP3)

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