One Democrat says he's looking for "adults" to resolve state budget issues. State Senator Bob Jauch doesn't think grownups had much to do, with the version of the state budget passed by the Republican controlled state Assembly. "It's very clear that it's time for adults to step to the table, and become responsible in dealing with the real issues anc challenges that are facing the state," the Poplar Democrat said Tuesday. The Assembly version of the budget, said Jauch, is "bush league . . . this document is almost childish."

And while Jauch doesn't want to name any of those nonadults in the Assembly, he made it clear who he's not talking about: "Speaker Huebsch is a good person, who I think will serve the process well." Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch and Senate Majority leader Judy Robson will serve on the conference committee that will attempt to put together a budget. It's unclear at this point whether Jauch will be on that panel.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:55 MP3)

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