Democrats are entering the home stretch in their attempt to retake control of the state Senate. Six Republicans Senators face recalls this coming Tuesday, with recalls for two Democrats set to take place a week after that.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate says volunteers will be working hard in the remaining days to force incumbent Republicans out of office, shifting control of the Senate back to them. Tate says volunteers have already made over 1.4 million phone calls to voters in districts with recall elections. He says they will be making another 750,000 calls in the final weekend before the GOP elections.

Tate says recent polls have shown Democratic challengers with a lead in three of the races, and a dead heat in the other three. He says they like their odds, with Democrats energized to get out and vote and polls showing independents moving to their side.

With two Democratic senators facing a recalls a week after the GOP races, Republicans could regain seats if they lose any next Tuesday. However, Tate says polls in those districts and Republican candidates he feels have failed to connect with voters have left him confident the Democrats will be reelected.

Republicans have also been actively campaigning to help their candidates hold on to their seats after next Tuesday’s elections. The final days before the recalls are also expected to draw a massive outpouring of last minute campaign ads, in an attempt to sway voters ahead of the elections.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:05)

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