There are new details in the case of a 23-year-old Marshfield man who shot at police during a traffic stop in a Wausau suburb last weekend. Rothschild police had stopped Errol Demmerly for expired registration early Sunday when he exited the vehicle and began shooting at police. Demmerly got back in his truck and sped off, holding an assault rifle out his window. A Kronenwetter police officer shot at Demmerly blocks later and the chase ended when Demmerly's truck ran over spike sticks. The incident was recorded on videotape. Wausau police have ruled that both officers were justified in using deadly force. Demmerly escaped and remained on the loose for four days – until an anonymous tip led police to arrest him at his mother's home in Marshfield on Wednesday. Demmerly has confessed to shooting at police, but won't say why, and he's given no indication as to how he was able to avoid intense air, ground and water searches for him. Demmerly will appear in Marathon County court this afternoon on five felony charges, including attempted murder and recklessly endangering safety.

Matt Lehman reports (:60 MP3)

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