The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provided an update on the Covid 19 Coronavirus Monday, including the news that test kits can now be checked in-state. “The UW Madison campus is where the State Laboratory of Hygiene is, and then also the City of Milwaukee Health Department Lab,” said State Health Officer Jean Ayers.

Previously, test kits had to be sent to the CDC in Atlanta.

Ayers said that testing capability will be important, as health agencies are now preparing to transition from “containment” of Covid 19 to “identifying and controlling” its spread, based on indications around the globe and elsewhere in the U.S. Health officials continue to stress the importance of hand washing, covering coughs and staying home if you feel ill, in order to combat the spread of both coronavirus and the flu.

Tom Haupt. Influenza Surveillance Coordinator, noted we’re still at far higher risk from seasonal influenza. “We are at very activity for influenza, probably near peak or at peak at this particular point,” Haupt said. “The hospitalizations over the past week have been over 500 which is amazing for this time of year.”

In addition to the above mentioned precautions, Ayers said there’s something else to consider. “People have been sharing about bumping elbows instead of shaking hands, or just putting your hand on your heart to greet someone. Those types of things we can begin to noermalize, just to be safe.”

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