The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provided a briefing at the Capitol Wednesday, on the status of Covid 19 coronavirus here. “I want reiterate that the risk to the general public remains low at this time,” said DHS Secretary Andrea Palm. “As the situation evolves, our guidance will evolve as well.”

Palm pledged DHS will be transparent, in making new information available to the public. There has still be only one confirmed coronavirus case here, a Dane County resident who recovered following a month-long quarantine at home. That person had traveled to China.

DHS’ Dr. Ryan Westegaard said evidence suggests cases will continue to increase globally. “Have said that, our assessment of the current situation about the immediate risk to Wisconsin residents is unchanged. At this moment, there is not evidence that virus is circulating in Wisconsin communities, and the risk to the population is low.”

Also unchanged is DHS advice: frequent hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home if you are not feeling well. “We all feel a little bit of anxiety about this, and that is natural when you’re dealing with a new disease,” Palm said.

As of Thursday, DHS reports that test results are pending for 14 people, 24 people have tested negative for the virus, and that Dane County resident who’s recovered remains the only positive case in Wisconsin. DHS updates this information each weekday afternoon.


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