The future is unclear for a bill to end Wiscosin investments in Sudan, and genocide in Darfur. The divestment legislation from Representative Fred Kessler and Senator Sheila Harsdorf got a committee hearing last month, but Harsdorf says the state Investment Board has come out in opposition to the bill. The River Falls Republican says the effort to divest from Sudan is part of a larger effort around the nation. Harsdorf says California has already passed a law to divest from Sudan, Colorado's bill has passed the legislature and awaits the governor's signature, and the state Senate in Texas has passed a similar bill. According to a release from Kessler and Harsdorf, their bill affects some 15 companies, mainly Chinese and Indian, that are engaged in oil and mineral extraction which provides money to the Sudanese government.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:68 MP3)

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