A major wildfire in Bayfield County that burned twelve hundred acres is about eighty per cent contained as of Monday night. Investigators are now trying to find out how it started. It spread, thanks to the weekend's warm, dry and windy conditions.

It was the largest of more than sixty wildfires that broke out around the state this past weekend.

The D-N-R says it would not have been able to fight those fires without the help of local paid and volunteer fire departments. 

Mike Luedeke is a forester in the D-N-R's northern region who says DNR just doesn't have enough resources to do it alone.

If structures are involved, local units will protect those while the DNR battles the brush. But if there are no structures, local units jump in along side the DNR crews.

In return, the DNR helps local units receive grant money that can be used for equipment necessary to fight wildfires.

AUDIO: Mike Luedeke DNR North ( :40 MP3 )

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