Landowners are being asked to help track the spread of invasive plants in Wisconsin. During the fall months, invasive plants trying to get a foothold in Wisconsin often will stand out. Officials have observed that many of the plants stay green much longer than native species, often staying alive well past the first few freezes of the year. DNR Plant Conservation Program Manager Kelly Kearns says that makes fall the perfect opportunity to track down many of those plants and destroy them, before they have a chance to spread further. Kearns says with many native plants already dormant for the year, invasive species can be more easily targeted with pesticides without destroying other species.

Many non-native plants already have a foothold in Wisconsin, but Kearns says efforts to destroy invasive plants in the fall can prevent their spread to other areas next spring. She says many areas remain untouched so far, and holding back the spread of invasive plants can make sure that remains true next spring and summer as well.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:03)

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