Now that VHS, the deadly fish virus, has been discovered in Lake Michigan, the concern for Wisconsin inland lakes is growing.

The DNR is going all out to get the word out. Postings are up at as many boat docks and landings as possible. There's even a special DNR radio campaign to let people using the lakes know how they can help prevent the spread of VHS.

Mike Staggs, the DNR's director of fisheries, says there are emergency rules in affect for boaters and anglers. Drain boat wells and bait buckets. Clean all equipment after use and don't move fish from lake to lake.

Not only are there restrictions on moving fish and bait but bait harvesters must now have  a special DNR issued permit starting this Sunday.

Staggs says dealing with fish disease is about managing risks. But if the risks don't work, the state's multi-million dollar fishing industry could be in jeopardy.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:03 MP3 )

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