The DNR continues to monitor water run-off from Friday's fire at an Eau Claire chemical recycling plant.

The number of gallons of water poured on that fireball isn't known yet but there is some concern by the DNR that runoff containing toxic chemicals may have seeped into a nearby wetlands area.

The West-Central DNR's David Weitz says they are testing for volatile organic compounds such as paint thinners and lacquers. test results have not come back yet.

Weitz says monitoring wells are in place since the wetlands area was already being cleaned up from chemical contamination dating back to the '80's

Weitz says to the best of their knowledge drinking water is not threatened by the chemical tainted run-off caused by the large amounts of water used to put the fire out.

The cause of the chemical plant fire isn't known yet. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:17 MP3 )

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