We've been hearing about a lot of domestic violence play out in the news lately, and it's actually more common than you might think.

Growing up, we've all been warned about the "bad guys," but Patti Seger, Executive Director, Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence , says, sadly, that bad guy could be living with you.

"We have such a high magnitude of violence in families occurring on a fairly routine basis."

For example, she notes, the tragedy known as the "house of horrors" in Portage — in the south central part of our state.

"The case out of Portage, not only did the woman die but her son was found beaten and tortured in a closet."

The boy's mom was found buried on the property. Earlier this month the world heard about the mass murder in Delavan, southeast Wisconsin, where a man killed himself after first killing six other people, including his infant twin boys. A one-year-old girl survived being shot. Seger says we still haven't done a good enough job acknowledging, reducing and eliminating domestic violence, which is something that affects everyone.

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  2. Domestic Violence is more common than you might think
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