With vastly different versions of the state budget coming out of the Assembly and Senate, Republicans and Democrats will now head to a conference committee. As legislative leaders get set to begin that process, Governor Jim Doyle says he wants a budget soon, maybe even by August 1st.

The Republican-controlled Assembly this week passed a budget that cut many programs the Governor and Senate had proposed. Instead, Doyle says the GOP inserted controversial policy issues. He says they may have to re-fight all the battles Republicans have lost over the past five years just to pass the budget.

The bi-partisan conference committee could begin work next week. The Governor met with leadership on Wednesday, and says he'll be available to help them along. Although, Doyle says he will not try to dictate what either side should remove to get a budget compromise in place. He says both sides will just need to work through their differences. 

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:04)

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